Advice to Avoid a DUI this Holiday Weekend in the Florida Keys

This weekend is a one of the busiest travel holidays for motorists visiting the Florida Keys. Having said that, there will be an increased police presence on the highways. Those planning to drive should remember their constitutional rights in the event they are stopped by a police officer or a Florida Highway Patrolmen. First, while

“I just got injured at work. What now?..”

As an attorney working with personal injury cases, I get asked this a lot. It’s a good question and while the answer may seem obvious, some find it confusing as to where to start. In Florida, if an injury occurs on the job or during employment, there are benefits that are available known as Worker’s

How does one obtain Social Security Disability benefits?

Each year hundreds of thousands of people either become injured at work, through an accident, or suffer a debilitating disease, or sickness that renders them unable to perform any traditional work in which to earn a living. These conditions can be either physical, psychological, or both. In these situations, the federal government will award people

Florida Keys DUI Arrest and Driver’s License Suspension

The procedures involving what happens to your driver’s license after a DUI arrest and the eventual criminal prosecution of the substantive crime are similar and yet very different. Let us examine the following case study. One evening, as you’re driving on the highway, you get pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy or a Florida highway

Debtors Can Strip Second Mortgages In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A new court decision by the Federal Appeals Court for 11th Circuit (In re: McNeal, No. 11-11352, (11th Cir., May 11, 2012) ) allows individuals to eliminate a second mortgage and any other inferior liens on real property that are under-secured, in other words, upside down, by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In the past,