What You Say Matters!

In interactions with law enforcement or other parties, what you say often becomes an important matter of record later on, when a case is brought for any reason. What we’re going to talk about sort of stands in the junction of three of our core practice areas – DUI defense, criminal defense, and personal injury.

Continuity, Resources And Uptime

What’s important in selecting a law firm? Well, the experience that the attorneys have is incredibly important. As a firm with 35 years of experience in various practice areas, from personal injury to criminal defense, family law and estate planning, we understand the value of a knowledge base and expertise in the law, not to

Evaluating Overzealous Prosecution And Investigation

A major part of what we do at Hutchison & Tubiana involves evaluating each client’s case, and determining whether that party was treated fairly and equitably by both courts and law enforcement.   The legal world has many different types of remedies for injustices and improper prosecutions that occur. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are there

Tips to Negotiate a Fair Alimony Settlement in a Florida Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic and painful experience. While some divorces can begin and end within just a few months, others will drag on for years – or more. You may wonder why, and the answer is simple – custody battles, assets, money, and more. If you are preparing to file for divorce or just

Professional Help with Estate Planning

At Hutchison and Tubiana, we cover the waterfront on personal injury legal counsel and criminal defense, as well as family law and other types of law. But another part of what we do involves helping families with estate planning, which is a very practical and logistical aspect of legal services. It also has to do

Three Important Considerations with Slip and Fall Injury Cases

The slip and fall personal injury case is emblematic of the types of things that professional injury attorneys do for personal injury clients.   It’s cited routinely as a specific type of personal injury case, because it provides a good example of the kinds of discovery and work that are required to really serve your

Fighting Civil and Criminal Cases

  What are you facing, and how do you want to tackle your legal challenges?   At Hutchison and Tubiana, we provide that critical listening ear that is so important to a client, and then we go to work crafting a strategy that’s going to advance your interests under the law. Get your voice heard

3 Tips For Getting Adequate Compensation For Your Auto Accident Injuries

Americans spend an average of 70 billion hours in the car each year. Driving back and forth to work or picking the kids up from school are tasks that most people perform without much thought. While it may not seem like it, the roadways of Florida are extremely dangerous. Thousands of car accidents occur in

What To Know If You Are Being Sued

No one considers that there will be a time in their lives that they will be faced with a civil lawsuit. Most people were not taught civil law in school, and many do not even know anyone personally who has been involved in a civil lawsuit. For these reasons, you can be completely sidelined when

“I Went to the Hospital, and I Came Back Worse!”

In the legal world, many practice areas can be thorny and complicated, and that includes medical malpractice claims. To be fair, some cases are more complicated than others.   However, clients tend to have a somewhat simplified view of medical malpractice, and might believe that since physicians and offices carry such high amounts of insurance,

Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida: Important Steps You Must Take

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident, the commotion and events around you may become confusing and overwhelming. This can lead to you finding it difficult to remember all the details of the accident, what exactly happened, and what caused the situation. While situations like this can be confusing, it does not

Understanding Types of Car Insurance Coverage

You may need to understand the common types of coverage available on a car insurance policy if you’re shopping for auto insurance or buying a new car. The various types of car insurance coverage available will help protect you, your vehicle, your passengers, and your vehicle if you get involved in a car accident. Car