Can One Firm Do Personal Injury And Criminal Defense?

Today on the blog, we’ll go over some of the issues people sometimes ask about when looking for a professional attorney.

 Basically speaking, a lot of attorneys work in multiple practice areas. In other words, they have multiple specializations when it comes to applying the law in their communities.

 But sometimes it’s confusing to clients. They might wonder – how do you pursue personal injury cases, for example, and cases where someone has been charged with criminal behavior? Are they fundamentally different types of cases?

 Well, yes, and no. Let’s talk about that in a bit more detail.


Defining and Identifying Liability

 Of course, personal injury cases and criminal defense cases are different in many ways.

 First of all, in the personal injury case, someone has been harmed through no fault of their own – through some other party’s negligence or intentional malicious act.

 In a criminal defense case, it has been shown that the client may have some responsibility for something that breaks the law in some way.

 However, these two types of cases are similar in that the person who has come to the attorney for representation,  whether they are a defendant or injury victim, is facing liability in some form.


Liability and Impact in Personal Injury

 When you’re a personal injury victim, you’re facing a lot of costs. You’re facing things like missed wages and medical bills. You’re also dealing with the logistical effects of the injury, including the potential loss of mobility, changes in lifestyle and pain and suffering.

 So practice attorneys are going to address these as they do discovery and build a personal injury case.


DUI and Criminal Defense Liability

 In a DUI or criminal defense case, the defendant is also experiencing financial liability.

 Depending on the prosecution, the individual may be forced to surrender a driver’s license, pay sky-high rates for car insurance, or pay for expensive enforcement materials like ankle bracelets or alcohol monitors.

 In various criminal defense cases, they may have to pay fines or spend time incarcerated, which can have an enormous financial impact on their lives.

 So again, the attorneys are looking out for their client’s financial and emotional interests and allowing them to exercise their rights under the law!

 That’s part of how these cases are similar and how we pursue both types of practice areas, along with things like family law and estate law at Hutchison and Tubiana, excelling in each kind of representation for clients. 

Think of it this way – your capable professional attorney is there for you your whole life, through thick and thin and through all kinds of challenges you face. You don’t have to go to one law firm for one thing and another law firm for another. Come to Hutchison and Tubiana – we’ll help.