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3 Things To Bring To Your Estate Planning Consultation

When it comes to estate planning, having the right documents is essential. Whether in the Florida Keys or anywhere else, estate planning can be complex and confusing.

The sad reality is that around 67 percent of Americans have no documented estate plan. Rather than leaving your family with a financial mess after your passing, it is time to take estate planning in the Florida Keys seriously. To ensure that your estate plan is tailored to meet your specific needs, you must bring all necessary documents to your estate planning consultation.

Here are some documents you need to have before going in for a consultation with an estate planning lawyer.

Complete List of Assets With Their Estimated Value

One of the most important documents for estate planning in the Florida Keys is a complete list of all assets and their estimated value. This list should include any bank accounts, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, real estate investments, life insurance policies and any other tangible or intangible assets you possess.

Your lawyer needs this information to develop an estate plan tailored to your needs. Additionally, if you own a business, make sure you also bring any relevant business documents.

A Detailed List of Your Debts

When it comes to estate planning, it is important to provide your lawyer with a comprehensive list of any debts you may have. This includes credit card debt, mortgages, car loans and other types of liabilities that you are responsible for paying off. Debts can complicate the process of estate planning in the Florida Keys since they must be paid off before any remaining assets can be distributed among heirs.

In addition to providing your lawyer with information about your current debts, you should also make sure that he or she has a copy of all past tax returns available so they can get an accurate picture of your financial situation.

Furthermore, if you expect large medical bills at the time of your death, make sure this is communicated before drawing up your estate plan.

Bring In Your Health Care Directives

Health care directives such as a living will and power of attorney are important documents for your estate planning consultation. A living will is an advance medical directive that outlines the medical treatments you want or don’t want should you become incapacitated. It can also include instructions for end-of-life care, including whether or not you want to be kept on life support.

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for yourself. The appointed person will have the authority to handle matters such as medical decisions, financial transactions, and other important decisions related to your estate planning.

We Can Help With Estate Planning In Florida Keys

If you want to get your affairs in order, it's time to reach out to the team at Hutchison & Tubiana.


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