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4 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Workers' Compensation Settlement

Work-related accidents can happen in any occupation, and the resulting injuries can be devastating for those affected. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while on the job, it is essential to understand your rights.

A qualified workers' compensation attorney in the Florida Keys can help ensure you receive the maximum possible benefits. This will help you with medical bills, lost wages, and other costs associated with work-related injuries.

There are numerous mistakes people make that affect their workers' compensation settlements. Here are some of those mistakes and why avoiding them is imperative.

Waiting To Get Medical Attention

When filing a workers' compensation claim, one of the most important considerations is getting treatment as soon as possible. Waiting to see a doctor may make you ineligible for certain benefits. This could also cause your settlement to be significantly lower than it might have been if you had received medical care immediately.

Delays in treatment can also be used to prove the injury was not work-related or happened outside of work, making it more difficult for you to receive a favorable outcome.

Never Accept a Settlement Before Consulting With Your Attorney

Accepting an early settlement offer from your employer without consulting with a workers' compensation attorney in the Florida Keys can be a costly mistake. This is because the settlement amount may not cover the total cost of your medical bills and lost wages due to your injury.

A lawyer can identify factors that may increase the amount of your settlement, such as mental anguish or other damages.

Not Keeping Accurate Records

Keeping accurate records of your medical treatments and financial losses is essential when pursuing a workers' compensation claim. This will help you demonstrate the extent of your injuries and prove that they were caused by an accident at work.

Inaccurate records of your injury, recovery, and the associated costs, can lead to a claim denial or a lower settlement amount. Your workers' compensation attorney can explain the documentation needed for your case and will ensure that all paperwork is submitted correctly.

Failing To Follower The Orders Of Your Doctor

Not following doctors' orders can significantly impact your workers' compensation settlement. When seeking benefits for an injury sustained at work, following the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor is important.

This includes taking any medication as instructed, attending all recommended physical therapy or rehabilitation sessions, and participating in any other treatments that have been prescribed.

If you do not follow the treatment plan, it can be used as evidence to reduce the settlement amount or deny your claim. 

Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney In The Florida Keys

Have you been injured at work? If so, it's time to hire a workers' compensation attorney in the Florida Keys. We aim to provide you with the advice and guidance to secure a fair settlement. 

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