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Continuity, Resources And Uptime

What's important in selecting a law firm? Well, the experience that the attorneys have is incredibly important. As a firm with 35 years of experience in various practice areas, from personal injury to criminal defense, family law and estate planning, we understand the value of a knowledge base and expertise in the law, not to mention familiarity with local courts.


But that's not the end of the story when it comes to choosing the best personal representation for you and your family.


Continuity with Processes


Think of it this way – a law office works on the basis of information and communications. Data is our asset, and responsiveness is our service.


To that end, a legal firm can't last very long if their computers are down during a given day or series of days, or if the data just isn’t there when it’s needed, whether that’s names, or numbers, or anything else. Lawyers are out there working every hour of every day for their clients, and they need that agile communication provided by new cloud technologies and other vendor services.


What that means, in a nutshell, is that office planning is actually vital to serving clients. If somebody good is in charge of IT and knows how to organize department record-keeping and communications, the client will ultimately notice that in how they are supported and represented in court.


Continuity with People


To the same point, clients are also going to feel let down if they cannot consistently reach their attorney.


Part of the fundamental work of any good attorney is to stay involved with the client and keep the client informed. This particular task doesn't really require a huge knowledge base when it comes to the law, necessarily, although clients are looking for substance, too. It's a separate part of what we do, in a way, and many would say it's just as important.


When lawyers talk about “being in your corner,” this is part of what they're talking about. Clients need to feel that they have access to their attorney, again, any every hour of every day, as a case unfolds and the realities of their life change. (This doesn’t mean that a lawyer can always answer the phone at a given time! What it means is that the continuity and trust is there.)


So the combination of critical expertise and dedication to clients is what makes a truly great law firm. Come in and see us about whatever is troubling you and we’ll show you how this works. Uptime and resources help Hutchison & Tubiana to serve Florida clients with proactive, agile and comprehensive assistance in getting your voice heard in a court of law.


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