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Estate Planning: Do I need a Will or a Trust? Can’t I just get one online?

A common misconception exists that you can hand-write a Will…that it’s a simple as typing out your wishes on your computer, or jotting down a few notes on a cocktail napkin. In addition, various websites and retailers sell one-size-fit-all Will kits. There are many dangers that lurk in the easy and quick solution. Beware! You get what you pay for. The only way to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes is to hire a licensed Florida attorney regulated by the Florida Bar.

In Florida, an individual who wants to leave their personal and real property to friends and loved ones must strictly adhere to the requirements set forth in Florida Statute, 732.502. For example, your will must be in writing (typed), signed at the end of the document before two witnesses who do not take under the Will.

In addition, there are important tax implications that may affect the beneficiaries of your Will. Proper estate planning is necessary to ensure that your beneficiaries receive your assets according to your wishes, and not be subject to huge taxes and subject to creditor liens. As such, one may want to look into the creation of various trusts in order to maximize your tax savings in the face of ever-changing estate taxation.

Looking for an experienced Florida Keys estate planning law firm to prepare a will or a trust? In short, estate planning is a very important decision. Your assets and beneficiaries may not be fully protected. Don’t go at this alone and don’t put off an important decision. Contact the lawyers at Hutchison & Tubiana to discuss your estate planning needs today.

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