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Evaluating Overzealous Prosecution And Investigation

A major part of what we do at Hutchison & Tubiana involves evaluating each client's case, and determining whether that party was treated fairly and equitably by both courts and law enforcement.


The legal world has many different types of remedies for injustices and improper prosecutions that occur. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are there to spot these opportunities, and to help their clients take advantage of their rights under the law. How they do that depends on their training and experience in the legal sector where so many specific protocols and rules apply. 


Investigation and Discovery


In many cases, discovery – usually informal investigation, not formal deposition – helps the attorneys to figure out what each party knows about the law, and how that informed their actions.


For example, police may be able to say that they “smell marijuana” in a car or building and use that as a pretext for search, but that doesn't mean that they don't have to follow other specific protocols that apply to these types of searches. Then, what the criminal defendant knows about the law matters, too – it determines what they say to law enforcement at the time of the initial incident, and how that impacts their legal process later. Of course, many cases depend on whether police show up in court, and who shows up in court, and what they say – but having a handle on a case at the outset can bring the case much further toward speedy resolution, in a way that best advances the interests of the defendant. And again, although pleas are a large part of how the system currently works, that’s not the whole story: there are many other remedies that can be applied. 


Hutchison & Tubiana Practice Areas


We handle all sorts of cases for Florida families – we handle family law cases like custody and divorce, and much more, but a cornerstone of our law practice is in the criminal defense world.


The bottom line is this – if you are charged with any criminal offense, you have the right to a competent lawyer and you deserve fair treatment under the law. Good counsel can help you to figure out whether you have gotten fair and equitable treatment, or whether the way that a case developed violated your rights.


Turn to Hutchison & Tubiana for help with any type of legal problem – we are a go-to firm for many Florida residents. We take the time to evaluate your case – and then roll up our sleeves to pitch in and help. 

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