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Fighting Civil and Criminal Cases


What are you facing, and how do you want to tackle your legal challenges?


At Hutchison and Tubiana, we provide that critical listening ear that is so important to a client, and then we go to work crafting a strategy that's going to advance your interests under the law. Get your voice heard in Florida courts with a professional firm that has a track record in success with both civil and criminal cases.


What's the difference between a civil case and a criminal case? A lot, really.


Civil Cases


In areas of civil litigation, the general endgame is to collect money in the form of either a settlement or a court award.


As with the criminal side, many of these civil cases never go to trial, but for very different reasons.


For example, personal injury cases are a type of civil case where the attorney is trying to collect money on behalf of the client, because of some injury occurring through someone else's negligence or mistakes. There's no criminal indictment being sought for sentencing to deal with – the case is about remuneration. There are medical bills to pay, and lost wages to be factored in, as well as various impacts on the victim’s lifestyle. Professional attorneys pursue these types of cases according to established legal criteria and protocols, with the right kinds of experience informing a competitive legal strategy. That’s what happens with good counsel – and it makes a big difference!


Criminal Cases


In a criminal case, the defendant is facing more than just a fine. They're facing potential loss of freedom and livelihood and court orders that can significantly impact their lifestyle and the future. Think about a DUI where a driver is suddenly fighting license revocation, or even jail time, and figuring out how to keep a very necessary job!


In many of these cases, the key goal is dismissal of the case. If the case gets thrown out for any reason, all of those legal threats essentially go away. If not, some of the punitive effects of the charges may be mitigated by a good legal strategy that works according to applicable state and federal law. 


We have a track record of acquiring countless dismissals for clients. That gives our clients confidence that we know how to represent them in the courtroom. And in a criminal case, that’s very important. 


On the civil side, we also have a great track record of securing the money that our clients need to deal with the impact of what’s happened to them. 

With 35 years of collective experience, let Hutchison and Tubiana fight for you!

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