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Filing a Motion to Inspect the Premises: Maximizing Your Chances of Success in a Slip and Fall Case in the Florida Keys

Fall Injury Lawyer in the Florida Keys

If you have been injured in a slip and fall incident at a restaurant, hotel, bar, or workplace in the Florida Keys and Key West, please be advised that Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.350 allows your attorney to file a motion to inspect the premises. This particular motion allows you and your attorney, and possible expert witness, to visit the scene where you were injured to take photographs, shoot video, and perform any other tests necessary to assist you to successfully prosecute your claim in court before the judge, or in a jury trial.

Florida Keys Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Photographs and video are very important when showed to a jury. By visiting the premises where the incident occurred allows the attorney to put into context the claims raised by the Plaintiff. You are essentially re-creating the incident in question, which will maximize your chances of success before the judge or jury. You are allowing the jury to see the incident from your point of view.

If you, or a someone you know, has been injured in a slip and fall accident in the Florida Keys and Key West, please do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Hutchison & Tubiana, PLLC to arrange for a telephone consultation.

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