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More About PIP

In the past, we went over some of the aspects of Florida's Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system, where the state is designated as one of several no-fault auto insurance states.


But drivers have to know a little more about the PIP system in order to understand how Florida auto accident law works. As experienced Florida auto accident injury attorneys, we have the inside scoop on what PIP means for the average person. We help to break down this type of coverage into useful information for individuals and families who are dealing with the unfortunate consequences of an accident


Some PIP Limits and Restrictions


First of all, it's helpful to know that Florida sets a specific amount for PIP of $10,000. That's not always enough to cover the range of medical bills that someone might generate after an auto accident. So you want to sit down and talk to us about these kinds of scenarios and provisions.


There's also a requirement to get medical care within 14 days, which isn't really a lot of time. So those who are injured in an auto accident need to know how to seek quick and effective medical care, and impartial medical review.


That's important, because insurance companies can try to get you to see their own doctors, who might have an incentive to downplay your injuries! Talk to us about the process and how to protect yourself if you have suffered auto accident injuries. 


The purpose of PIP


PIP was set up in order to lighten the load on local courts. Courts within the state were experiencing high numbers of litigations and it was clogging up the docket.


But some people feel like PIP and the no-fault system just replaces one bureaucracy with another. When you're going up against insurance companies, the other side has its slate of professional attorneys, and you need someone in your corner to represent your interests as well.


Other Florida Laws


Florida differs from its neighbors in other aspects of personal injury law as well. We make it our business to understand the nuances of Florida law, as well as the layout of the state’s legal system and how to work with local courts. Ask us about what we provide for clients in the field of personal injury and elsewhere. We will work tirelessly to advance your interests in Florida courts, and keep you informed and assisted every step of the way. 


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