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Professional Help with Estate Planning

At Hutchison and Tubiana, we cover the waterfront on personal injury legal counsel and criminal defense, as well as family law and other types of law. But another part of what we do involves helping families with estate planning, which is a very practical and logistical aspect of legal services. It also has to do with a person’s innate sense of self-protection; preserving your net worth is, in some ways, about shielding it from various types of loss.


Our forward-thinking clients know that situations change as a person ages. Individuals and families with significant net worth want to harness the power of their capital, and keep it working for their family as their needs and their situations evolve. They want to know the risks, and how those relate to potential reward. They also want to see a road map that they can confidently follow. That’s where expert legal estate planning advice becomes valuable.


Knowledge of Federal and State Law


States and the federal government have their own particular versions of estate planning regulations. It's good to have professional counsel who understands estate planning at both levels, and can help to merge the two together for a family plan that will avoid excessive taxation or other problems.


Liability and End-Of-Life Planning


Many individuals and households who are doing estate planning want to make sure that some unanticipated emergency doesn't affect their finances and their assets. For example, a sudden need for skilled nursing services can quickly drain the finances of someone with a particular net worth, and leave the family with much less than they had expected.


Navigating the ins and outs of estate law and finance planning requires someone with a pretty good knowledge base. At Hutchison and Tubiana, we are happy to be the experts on these issues, and to have a comprehensive plan approach that we can customize for a particular client's financial future.


Caring and Local Attorneys


At the end of the day, no matter what your attorneys do for you, you want that person to be in your corner. With our knowledge of the local community and our dedication to attentive and caring representation, we capably assist residents in working through all of their questions around estate planning and related financial strategy. Ask us about what’s best for your financial estate plan, and we will sit down with you and make sure that your questions are answered, and that your family is able to access all relevant rights under the law.

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