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Tune In To The Florida Bar

Our website and our blog provide resources for new or existing clients to figure out more about how state law works in Florida.


In addition to everything that we offer, we like to direct clients to additional resources, so that they can do research and become more confident about their knowledge of Florida law.


With that in mind, let's look at the Florida Bar website that provides news resources and more for practicing lawyers within the state.


Current Events


One of the biggest headlines that you'll see now at the Florida Bar’s site involves in-person versus remote legal hearings and courtroom sessions.


Writers cite concerns about “advocacy skills” and “respect for judicial authority” – in talking about how remote processes triggered by the pandemic have sometimes failed to return the quality stakeholders expect from the state’s legal system.


Citing the “integrity and decorum” of in-person jurisprudence, Florida bar professionals think about how to unwind some of these changes and when it's appropriate to hold in-person hearings versus those that happen through videoconferencing.


Lawyers who have had current experience working in the Florida state system or elsewhere in the United States can see some of the effects of remote legal processes on their clients, who may have less of an idea of what they're going through because they don't see the judge face-to-face. These are some of the things that professional attorneys need to think about when evaluating justice in the pandemic era.


Other News


The Florida Bar also provides updated resources on the eviction moratorium, which the Biden administration has apparently extended to July 31. The consensus is that this moratorium will eventually end, which affects landlord-tenant law in significant ways. All stakeholders need to know how this works, and be advised of changes that may impact their finances or the roof over their heads. That’s part of the burden of professional attorneys advising in this practice area: they need to stay ahead of changes, and apply them to a particular legal context.


Then in terms of new cases, we have a headline around an Orlando man threatening a judge, which shows some of the kinds of dynamics that Florida lawyers and other parties to a courtroom session may have to deal with in the course of their duties.


For much more, take a look at the website at Hutchison and Tubiana, where we work tirelessly for rights. Get to know our staff and more about the practice areas that we cover, and get connected with a law office that has your best interests in mind.

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