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What Do Lawyers Do? Criteria In Legal Cases

You may have heard it said that attorneys have a reputation for being “flashy” or arguing well in court – but what about the nuts and bolts of the job? What about what these professionals really do to help you to solve problems and secure your rights under the law?

In many cases, it starts with a thorough handle on criteria within any given practice area. Attorneys have to be able to do discovery – to figure out the facts – and then apply them to a case in the right way to serve the client’s interests. That's good representation, and it doesn’t happen by accident. A good lawyer has to learn a lot, in order to be up on those processes through which he or she will really deliver that representation and counsel. It takes time, and it takes effort, and some degree of “continuing professional education” throughout someone’s career. 

Personal Injury Criteria

As professional personal injury attorneys in Florida, we have a detailed understanding of personal injury criteria within state law. A case may have to do with where something occurred – whether it was on private property or not. It may have to do with how something occurred – whether negligence played a central role, and how that can be assessed. 

In either of these cases, and in other aspects of personal injury, the criteria is what's important. When the attorneys find the criteria and learn to apply it, they buttress a case on behalf of their client.

Criteria in Criminal Defense

Criteria is important here, too. There may be excluding criteria for bringing charges or securing a conviction against someone, but there might also be including criteria for mitigating circumstances that will help a local court to throw out the case, or for some other kind of possible outcome. 

Again, here, attorneys are working a little bit like detectives, a little bit like mathematicians, and a little bit like doctors. We are using all of the skills and resources at our disposal to seek relief for clients who may be targeted for unfair prosecution.

All of it requires knowledge of federal, state and local law and a good sense of the lay of the land in local courts.

We bring a keen eye and a trained hand to all of these practice areas and more. Talk to Tubiana and Hutchison about getting the right legal representation when your back is up against the wall, because we've helped many other people, and we can help you, too. 


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