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What To Know If You Are Being Sued

No one considers that there will be a time in their lives that they will be faced with a civil lawsuit. Most people were not taught civil law in school, and many do not even know anyone personally who has been involved in a civil lawsuit. For these reasons, you can be completely sidelined when someone files suit against you, which can lead you to make costly mistakes. If you are being sued, it is important that you understand your rights and the steps necessary to take so that you can best protect yourself and your personal property. 

Consider Hiring An Attorney

Lawsuits can be costly in an of themselves and people can sometimes believe that they will save themselves money by navigating the process alone.  Consulting with an attorney about your situation will enable you to understand the legal ramifications you are facing and help you develop a plan of how to proceed. Protecting yourself in any legal situation is a top priority, and hiring an attorney to represent your interests is key to diminishing the negative personal and financial impacts of a lawsuit. 

Brush Up On The Law

While your attorney will be doing the heavy lifting in your case, it is a good idea for you to understand the laws surrounding your situation so that you can better maneuver the process. Reading the laws that apply to your suit will give you a more in-depth understanding of what to expect. Laws trump feelings, and knowing how to approach your defense in legal terms rather than emotional assertions will better serve you in court.  

Tell Your Story

While the facts will speak for themselves, it is helpful if you are able to express your side of the issue from your own perspective. Telling your story, in your own words, will convey a better sense of who you are and of your experiences. Judges need to see the whole picture, and it is up to you as well as your attorney to relate this picture in a cognitive and clear manner.

Stay Aware Of Your Choices

Lawsuits can be long and expensive processes that take many twists and turns, costing you emotionally, financially, and personally. Have regular checkpoints where you and your attorney reassess the direction of your case and your options. If you get swept up in the emotional turmoil of trying to prove your innocence, you can board a runaway train that ends in more time and money spent on your case than needed. Remember, you can have a choice of how and when to keep going and when to call it a day. Negotiating a fair exit strategy may cost you less all the way around than you may initially think. 

At Hutchinson & Tubiana Law Firm, we are ready to take your case if you find you are being sued. Call us for a consultation today.

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