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Life-Changing, But Not Life-Ending

Why do we say that a DUI is life-changing, but shouldn't be life-ending?


As professional DUI and criminal defense attorneys, we understand that those involved in this type of case walk a delicate line – on one hand, the prosecution is intended to deter people from putting others at risk on the road. On the other hand, there's the threat of unfair prosecution that can have excessive long-term effects on someone's life.


Sometimes DUI charges can seem draconian even for a first infraction. But with the right care, representation and assistance, DUI defendants can learn to put their lives back together.


Your Work


We know that in this country, the way our society is set up, people need vehicles to go to work. They need a working car or truck, but they also need the legal privilege of driving. When you lose your license, your work or livelihood could be in jeopardy, and in the majority of cases, it is. There just aren't a lot of people who get convicted of DUI and sit back and continue to gather income without being able to drive to work.


This is one of the big advocacy categories that we work on as experienced DUI attorneys for our clients. We have to find ways to deal with applicable charges and work with restrictions like specialized insurance, license suspension, and more. In a way, that helps our client to survive and continue with gainful employment or some type of business operations for income.


Your License


As mentioned, the license is important. License suspension is common. With that said, good representation can help you to secure a new license more quickly, alleviating some of the biggest aftereffects of dealing with a DUI conviction.


This can be as simple as understanding the right ways to apply for new driver’s license documentation in a local community. It also extends to knowing how to work with a charge in local courts in a way that recognizes the client's rights under the law.


Your Finances


In dealing with specialized insurance and other issues, we try to provide our clients with the right advice to pay what they owe on DUI convictions without going completely broke. The financial end is an important part of the equation and has to be worked out for long-term success.


Your Relationships


This is an aspect of these types of cases that may not be easy. A DUI defendant often has to get used to being driven around by friends and family members, at least for a little while. But we try to make this easier, with consultation and appropriate information for those who have never dealt with this type of charge before. Call Hutchison and Tubiana for attentive and effective DUI representation. 


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