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The Law and Pathways to Resolution

Let's take a slightly different tack today in talking about the services that a high-quality family law firm offers.

In any area of the law, people spend a lot of time talking about litigation and settlement. As they should. Because these things are fundamental to the process.

But sometimes there is a blind spot in terms of alternate pathways that can be just as effective, actually, even more effective and better suited to many situations where people's first impulse is to traditionally litigate.

The Equation and Emotions of Family Law Scenarios

This is abundantly true when it comes to family law.

Just because any aspect of custody or assets can be litigated or heard in court doesn't mean this is the best solution or routine.

But you'll see lawyers leading their clients every which way, including into sometimes unnecessary court hearings, just because the evaluation isn’t in place in terms of what the client could best take advantage of…

Think about this – as you are choosing custody arrangements or even making routine choices on how parents will interact with children, having processes like mediation and counseling in place resolves issues that would otherwise drag out in court.

Legal Applications for Family Law: What Can You Do?

Here's the rub – you may or may not hear about this from a family law attorney.

We’re not going to get into the nuts and bolts of why some legal clients are offered these solutions, and others are not. Suffice it to say that we approach every case with empathy, and the goal of making alternatives easy for clients to understand. And that philosophy, that process, pays off in spades, both for us and for our clients.

When you're immersed in things like custody battles or asset allocations for a divorce, you're in the midst of a tumult.

But from a legal perspective, we can easily boil things down into two categories – what works, and what doesn't work. That may be litigation, settlement and hearings. It may be mediation.

The key is to have a firm that knows how to make things work for you, not just how to bill hours, or how to pursue the low hanging fruit or default path to resolution. You need a firm that is dedicated to exploring every avenue – because the one you think of last may be the best!

Think about that as you're trying to make these big decisions. Call Hutchison and Tubiana for effective legal counsel.



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