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The Slow Process Of DUI Remediation

Some people who have never been through a DUI process don't think about how long it takes to get past one of these infractions after you've been charged, and possibly convicted.


It can be a slow painstaking process, with a lot of obstacles and issues along the way.


It's that way partly because of the drastic nature of a DUI charge itself – and to provide ballast to law enforcement people who are out there trying to get drunk drivers off the roads.


But it's something that people have to think about when they're trying to turn over a new leaf, get back on the road and defend themselves from possible unfair prosecution.


So why does DUI remediation take so long, and why do these kinds of charges continue to follow people so many years later?


Let's talk about some aspects of this:




First of all, a DUI entails quite a lot of cost. There are fines and court costs, but the real cost of a DUI can go far beyond these.


It goes without saying that many people who need to drive to get to work will face some form of lost wages or loss of income.


There are also the costs of equipment and gear involved in DUI remediation – from the charge, to the conviction, to the sentencing, and to the eventual probation after the individual has served their time or completed any court requirements.


There may be an ankle bracelet involved, or an initial ignition interlock device, and either of these can range into the hundreds of dollars.


That's just another example of unanticipated costs. Our clients talk about this quite a bit as they wade through the process of getting beyond a DUI!


License Suspension Phases


The phase of license suspension can be quite long. Then there are also court requirements for getting a license back.


At the same time, as mentioned, many people can't work without driving to work. Unless they can get a ride or use public transit, or figure out something else, they're still not working, which leads to other obstacles. They may have to attend meetings, but may not have adequate transportation.


There are also a range of mental health problems that go along with these sorts of obstacles, and we've seen quite a lot of that, too, as we counsel those who we represent in DUI law.


Insurance and Licensing


Other requirements for a renewed license may include special state insurance for drivers who have been charged with (or convicted of) a DUI.


And as you might guess, that insurance can be quite costly and difficult to get. It might not be as easy as a 10 minute phone call.


What all of these obstacles have in common is that they add up to a pretty tough barrier for those who want to get back on the road after trying to turn their life around from a DUI conviction.


What we can do is provide excellent legal representation every step of the way, and make sure that your voice is heard in court. That can help with many of the above items and other aspects of dealing with a DUI charge. Call Hutchison and Tubiana for excellent representation. 



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